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Why Does My Belly Button Smell Like a Poop or Cheese ?

why does my belly button smell

The belly button is located at a distance from the nose. But sometimes due to poor hygiene or some underlying factors, the belly button produces unpleasant smell. This always makes you worried as the situation is quite odd as well.


Why Does My Belly Button Smell?

The shortest and easiest reason for the poor odor from belly button is improper hygiene, trapped dirt and microbes which are gathered in the part. The belly button smells like a poop when it is improperly cleaned. If the belly button is not cleaned thoroughly, it collects the dust particles inside it along with debris. Why does my belly button smell and it is wet? You might be suffering from infection. Under normal conditions, the smelly belly button is only due to hygiene issues but sometime medical attention is needed especially if there is a cyst or infection around it. When the smelly belly button is accompanied with the following conditions, it is surely an indication of some serious health concerns and you need to consult your health care provider.

  • Yellowish green to white discharge with redness and swelling across the area
  • Itching and pain
  • Scab around the belly button along with fever
  • Abdominal lump.

Why Does My Belly Button Smell? What are the Possible Causes of it?

Why do belly buttons smell? There are some causes which result in poop like odor from belly button. Some of the key causes are listed below:

  • Poor hygiene:

There is a special kind of ecosystem running inside our belly buttons. It has been observed that 70 different kinds of bacteria live in that particular area. Some other germs like fungus can also grow on the belly button. There are several substances which promote the growth of microbes inside the belly button, such substances are debris, dead skin, oil, sweat etc. Due to these substances, germs find a suitable medium for their growth. As a result of microbial growth, a foul smell and unpleasant odor is experienced. Why do belly buttons smell? The simple answer is the growth of odor producing germs. The only solution to this is the maintenance of hygiene.

Poor hygiene

  • Infection:

There are certain germs which prefer humid and dark environments to live and grow. The belly button provides ideal habitat for the growth of microbes. The people who do not follow hygiene measures frequently suffer from fungal infections across belly buttons. Why do belly buttons smell? There is a possibility of fungal infection like Candida. The patients who are suffering from diabetes mellitus often experience foul smell from belly button. Hyperglycemia reduces the immune system of the body and this favors the growth of bacteria and fungus. Why does my belly button stink? The smelly belly button is also experienced after abdominal surgery. Belly button piercing also increases the risk of belly button infection; hence it is always important to consult an expert for piercing. If you are worried regarding why do my belly button smells and has discharge. You need to consult dermatologist to find out the exact cause. Smelly belly button treatment options include the prescription of some ointments. if the smelly belly button smells and it is accompanied with fever, pus, itch and redness, you need to consult your doctor immediately.

  • Cyst:

A cyst is an outgrowth from the upper skin layer and is known as epidermoid cyst. There is another type of cyst known as pilar cyst which grows near the hair follicle. When these cysts enlarge and burst, they produce thick yellowish discharge with characteristic foul smell. Why does my belly button bleed? In extreme cases, the cyst bursts with some minor bleeding as well. The smelly belly button is therefore a reason to worry especially if it is accompanied with a cyst.

  • Sebaceous cysts:

These cysts originate from sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are located under the skin and produce sebum. The purpose of sebum is to lubricate the skin and provide protection against some germs. The sebaceous cysts are less common and they are filled with sebum and infection. If you have smelly belly button, no discharge, it might indicate the initial stages of cyst.

 Why Does My Belly Button Smell? What are the Ways to Maintain its Hygiene?

There are several ways to maintain belly button hygiene. You need to keep it dry. Certain moisturizers or oil can be used. The oil when applied acts as a barrier and do not allow germs to come in contact with the skin. Hence the use of moisturizers and oils is always healthy for belly button. Smelly belly buttons generally are due to improper hygiene.

When to see a doctor?

For simple concerns like hygiene, consultation with doctor is not recommended. Keep the belly button clean to get rid of foul smell. However if you experience other symptoms along with smelly buttons you need to consult health care provider. The symptoms include:

  • Redness across the area and fever
  • Swelling and abdominal pain
  • Pain while urinating.
  • Pus or bleeding from the belly button.

After examining the discharge, your doctor will prescribe the treatment. Make it sure that you clean your body during the course of treatment and later.

The bottom line:

Why does my belly button stink? It is a serious concern of the people. The condition is common in those people who do not follow hygiene measures. The skin when not cleaned properly offers an ideal medium for the growth of micro-organisms. Smelling your belly button is definitely not possible but you can make it sure that you keep the area clean and dry.

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