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6 Best Essential Oils for Allergies

essential oils for allergies

Our body has a powerful immune system which helps to fight against infections and other foreign particles which gain entry into the body. Allergies are the result of hypersensitivity of an immune response when any foreign substance gains entry into the body. The foreign substance may include a dust particle, pollen, bee sting, pet dander or any chemical inside the food. The substance which turns on the immune signals of the body and causes such allergic response is called allergen. These allergens are present in air, environment, food, plants etc. In this article we will study some essential oils and how they help to fight against certain kind of allergies in the body.

Essential oils for allergies:

When a person is suffering from allergic symptoms the use of essential oil is often recommended as they provide relief from such discomforts. Essential oils are extracted from certain plants and there are several benefits of using these essential oils. Most of the people suffer from seasonal allergies. There are certain essential oils for seasonal allergies which can be used to get relief from the allergic symptoms.

How to use Essential Oils for Allergies?

There are certain ways of using the essential oils and there are certain healthy aspects of their usage. The most common ways of using essential oils are:

  • Diffusing the essential oils in air
  • Using essential oils for allergic reactions like hives in spa and baths
  • Diluting these oils and applying them directly on the skin, as the essential oils can penetrate down to the body into the bloodstream.
  • Inhaling essential oils from their container which is known as aromatherapy. As this treatment is applied, the body is stimulated via sensory cells of nose.

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6 Best Essential oils for Allergies:

Here is a list of some important essential oils which are used mainly to overcome certain allergic responses of the body.

  1. Lavender essential oil:

There are many healthy aspects of lavender essential oil; it helps in immediate relief against certain allergic symptoms. Since it is anti-inflammatory in nature it has remarkable healing properties as well. Aromatherapy is the best way of using it. Another significant way of using this oil is diluting it with some other oil before applying on the skin or either few drops are added in the bath.

Lavender essential oil

  1. Mixture of essential oils or essential oil blend for allergies:

Certain oils such as frankincense, ravensara and sandalwood oil are mixed and are used for the treatment of certain allergies. The mixture of these oils or essential oils for allergies detorra can open the blocked nasals and help to provide relief from certain allergies. You can also dilute these essential oils in almond carrier oils and diffuse them into air either by spraying or directly inhaling them from container. Inhaling the fumes of this blend can soothe the senses and provide relief from allergic responses.

  1. Eucalyptus oil:

Due to remarkable anti-inflammatory properties of Eucalyptus essential oil, it can ideally be used to combat certain allergies. It helps to provide relief against congestion and is most recommended essential oil for sneezing. It is considered one of the best essential oils for seasonal allergies and best essential oils for skin allergies. You can spray it in the air and inhale the fumes for sinus infections and nasal congestion.

  1. Tea Tree oil:

Tea tree oil also helps to provide relief from certain allergic reaction rash. Since the oil can trigger allergic responses in some cases as well, it is recommended to take a patch test before using tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is only for topical application. The best essential oils for allergies include itchy eyes, runny nose and blocked sinuses treatment, tea tree oil provides all such features.

  1. Eucalyptus oilPeppermint Essential oil:

Peppermint oil can help to reduce inflammation. You can use it by diffusing it in air with some spray. Another simple way of using it is to dilute it with carrier oil and applying it on skin topically. The peppermint oil can provide immediate relief to the allergic symptoms.

Peppermint Essential oil

  1. Lemon Essential Oil:

Lemon essential oil has a sweet and strong citrus scent and is normally a main ingredient of aromatherapy. When used it boosts up the energy level of the body and help to clear up the sinuses by reducing the nasal and chest congestion. It is also regarded as one of the best essential oils for seasonal allergies and also the best essential oils for asthma.

Precautions of using Essential oils for Allergies:

While using essential oils for certain therapies, a great deal of care is needed. Make it sure that you select the high quality products. There are certain essential oils which can even trigger allergic responses in the body; hence it is advised to consult your health care provider before using essential oils for allergies. There are some precautionary measures which are needed before using essential oils for any kind of therapies.

Precautions of using Essential oils for Allergies:

  • You need to have a skin patch test as some essential oils can rather trigger allergic responses in the body. You can apply the diluted oil on leg or fore arm for this purpose and wait for 24 hours to check if there are some unwanted responses.
  • You always need to dilute these essential oils in carrier oils, in concentrated forms you should never apply these oils on skin directly.
  • Essential oils cannot be ingested and are for topical application only.
  • Pregnant females, breast feeding mothers should not use essential oil before consulting with doctor. In the same way these essential oils are not for infants and children.

Bottom Line:

Allergies are hypersensitive immune response of the bodies. The particles which result in allergic responses are known as allergens. There are certain ways to treat allergies. The use of essential oil is one of the ideal treatments for certain allergies. The use of eucalyptus, tea tree oil, lemon oil, lavender oil etc is proven best to be used for certain allergies.  Most of the essential oils are anti-inflammatory in nature and produce a soothing effect. However, a great deal of care is needed before using such oils as they can trigger some allergic responses in the body, also the oils are not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers.

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